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8.1 Firmware update


I got my Nokia 7 plus last week from - it is the global model, TA-1042

I heard people are getting the 8.1 firmware at the initial set-up.

My phone is stuck with 8.0 firmware and Feb security patch and I can't get the 8.1 firmware updat.

I tried manually to see if there is any update from Settings.

I have reset the phone to Factory Defaults and setup again twice, with and without SIM inserted.

I tried at different times of the day - still no update.

Is there another way to update manually?

Like download the update, boot in recovery and update.

Thank you,


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 According to Nokia Support:

"there is nothing to worry about- you will receive your update, but as they are released according to country, model and local operators, some devices have already got it, while others may need to wait for a few more days"

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Would be good if they released an update file of some sort so that we could update manually

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Same here. I live in France, I have my N7 plus for a week now and no 8.1 update yet. When I saw people having the update at the first start I was worried. I mean, it runs on Android One so why no update, right?

So yeah, apparently the release depends of your country. But, I really hope I will have the update in May!


I think that we would not get the update until the phone is released in our countries.

I'll try to setup a VPN to test later
It would make things so easy if Nokia will let us download the firmware and install it in recovery - the option is there, see recovery menu below:
The same here. My Nokia 7 plus bought this friday in Bouygues store had Android 8.0 and no update for the moment.
It's a TA1046.
Same problem here in France (Bouygues). Bought 10 days ago in a physical shop and no update.... I spoke with Nokia chat, they don't have any logical answer "be patient"...."try to reset your Google play services and reboot...." and finally "could be because of Bouygues Telecom..." So I spoke with Bouygues Care center and they said "we have nothing to do with Android update, please contact Nokia..." So it seems that no one wants to help :-/
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