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N6 volume control disabled by Dolby

Since this morning my volume control on my Nokia 6 did only have 2 modes. Off and maximum. It started after I got a Hoax concerning Montanelli. After a long search I found that turning off Dolby Surround solved it but that means that Dolby Surround is either a bug or a security gap in the software. Same happened on 2 Nokia 6 phones receiving the same Hoax.

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Hoax Martinelli I mean
May i know what is hoax?
A Hoax is a phishing message with or without a visible link. A hidden link like a Facebook pixel may occur
Now i understand.. Thanks for info bro.. maybe you tru factory reset your phone bcoz mine working fine.. if still maybe send to nokia centre to fix it..
Thanks. Fysical repair seems unneeded as I have 2 N6 devices having exactly the same problem. Must be software related
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