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Setting for 16:9 Photo's

Can you please let me know if the Nokia 6.1 can take photos both in 4:3 and 16:9 mode?  I prefer 16:9 for viewing on TV and my computer.

Yes it can


(for some reason I can't change my username, so ja_som ;) )

Thanks for the reply!  I'm glad the Nokia 6.1 can take photos at 16:9, but I'm disappointed in the in the 8MP resolution.  It would seem that it should be much closer to 16 MP; at least 12MP.  I currently have a Microsoft Lumia 950XL with Zeiss optics.  This phone has a 20MP camera and shots 16:9 photos at 16MP resolution.  Can Anyone explain why the 6.1 only shots 16:9 photos at 8 MP or less?

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I'm also very disappointed of 6.1 resolution figures. I've now 6/2017 and it has 12 MP for 16:9 option so I really wonder why on earth this worsening???

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