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Smoothness/framerate issues

The phone has been pretty fluid and responsive for me, but I've noticed jankiness when using several apps. Here are two examples: 1. When swiping to the left from the home screen to access the Google feed 2. When swiping to the left from Instagram home screen to record a Story, and when swiping to the right from the same place to access Direct Messages To those reading, please feel free to add to this thread if you experience similar issues when using the phone.

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I have noticed there kind of issue when switching apps through recently used apps. Especially when double tap recent button to switch between apps. It's quite slow on animation.

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Please see if this helps. Enable developer mode by locating the Build number in your Settings menu and tapping it multiple times. Then try reducing the three animation scale values from 1x to .5x. Worth a try...
That was first thing I tried, but it didn't help. Same stutter on recent menu.

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I think there are many kinds of lags, including recent app button. Android one must be more smoother than this~ Xiaimi A1 is very smooth.

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The most important thing for pure android is smoothness ! I believe Nokia will fix it soon.
I also faced a similar issue. But now it is smooth. Following these steps worked for me- clear google app data then disable the app then enable it and update it through play store , sign in and restart your phone.

Good God I'm seriously disappointed with the performance of this phone. SD660 & Android one means on paper it should fly but the phone lacks fluidity, its so jittery and janky that the OS build feels like a beta- build.

Just run a frame render from dev options and see how many frames are dropped while navigating the UI. I received a call while I was on Youtube and the phone froze for a few seconds and then when it went to the call receive screen, the transition was so choppy its frankly ridiculous. Even switching between screens and apps is jittery and has choppy animations. My friend has a Moto g5s+ which is slightly lower end HW and still on Nougat and that phone is fluid to use even though his phone memory is nearly full. I have 48GB free space and the only apps I have are the ones that come installed, whatsapp and prime video. I even deleted all the play music, video...apps. HMD devs this is UNACCEPTABLE, FIX IT.

I'm not one to believe the hype but as someone whose 1st phone was the OG 3310 and till 2008 only owned Nokia phones including a few N series and communicator series phones, I gave in to the nostalgia and went for this phone thinking this would be like a Nexus 5 reborn but it is anything but that. The 7 plus got glowing reviews from the press...what kind of "reviewing" they did is frankly a mystery to me. This phone is a couple of MAJOR updates away from being smooth to use on a daily basis but right now its frustrating to use. 

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