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Smoothness/framerate issues

The phone has been pretty fluid and responsive for me, but I've noticed jankiness when using several apps. Here are two examples: 1. When swiping to the left from the home screen to access the Google feed 2. When swiping to the left from Instagram home screen to record a Story, and when swiping to the right from the same place to access Direct Messages To those reading, please feel free to add to this thread if you experience similar issues when using the phone.

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I have noticed there kind of issue when switching apps through recently used apps. Especially when double tap recent button to switch between apps. It's quite slow on animation.

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Please see if this helps. Enable developer mode by locating the Build number in your Settings menu and tapping it multiple times. Then try reducing the three animation scale values from 1x to .5x. Worth a try...
That was first thing I tried, but it didn't help. Same stutter on recent menu.

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I think there are many kinds of lags, including recent app button. Android one must be more smoother than this~ Xiaimi A1 is very smooth.

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The most important thing for pure android is smoothness ! I believe Nokia will fix it soon.
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