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Vodafone India Volte not working

Hi, The Volte option works fine with Jio 4g but not for Vodafone India. Had a check in Vodafone's website and they have stated that Volte has been activated in the India and Nokia 8 is in the list of compatible handsets. Pls let us know when will there be an OTA pushed so that this feature is enabled.

Best Answer
Try connecting with Vodafone support. Mine one was also not working but after contacting support they turned it on. Now it is working.

There is nothing for Nokia to push, if your SIM has been provisioned it either works or it doesn't. In the UK the Nokia 8 works with VoLTE on EE but doesn't work with VoLTE on Three with Three stating you have to have purchased your handset from them and therefore be running their firmware for VoLTE to work.

Only iPhones (since the 5s) work out of the box with VoLTE on all networks, with Android it is pot luck.

Thanks for the info.


Try connecting with Vodafone support. Mine one was also not working but after contacting support they turned it on. Now it is working.
@Rajarsi. Which is your place in India?

I am in Bangalore. Please reach out to the nodal or appellate officer though email.

@Rajarsi thanks for the info. Will check with them.
I contacted vodafone india support, but nobody was able to help me. They said that the phone does not support vodafone volte. I tried to reset the network and APN settings but nothing helped.
The phone definitely supports Vodafone VoLTE in I dia and I am using it. Check the following:- - If Vodafone is offering VoLTE in your circle and you are under VoLTE coverage area. - Drop an email to the nodal office's email id asking them to enable VoLTE for your profile. You will find the nodal officer's email contact for your circle in Vodafone website.
@amolsapre1.. the phone is Volte compatible and is by default Volte enabled. The Volte option will be enabled once your phone will be IMS registered, it is one of the security measures I read while checking for Volte enabling. You can check if your phone is IMS registered by dialing *#*#4636*#*#
@Rajarsi i wrote a mail to the nodal officer as per your suggestion and received a call to change the APN settings manually. It didnt help at all. Finally they gave up saying that there must be wrong info posted on Vodafone website that the phone is supported when its really not. @Prajwal it is showing an IMSI number in that screen. Does it mean that it is registered? If yes, what should i do to get VOLTE? Since Vodafone has VOLTE service up and running in the same area on my old Oneplus 3.
Once you type it, the phone info and status will be displayed and to the right top corner if you check there is an option saying "IMS Service Status". Click on that and it tells you whether Volte is available for you now. Also, I too had this issue, wait for a week or 2 after you buy the phone, the phone will automatically enabled with Volte if you are in 4g Volte circle.
@prajwal thanks a lot for the info. Its showing "not registered" over there and Voice over LTE as not available. I will wait for a week for the new update, if any, for it to start on its own then. Thanks for the info.
No problem!!
Hello, everyone guys ...I had followed ur discussion all the way...as I'm facing the same problem but this time with Airtel sim ..My second sim Jio is working with volte feature whereas recently I upgraded my previous Airtel sim to Airtel prepaid 4G ...but if I put on my data on Airtel .. second sim(Jio)is getting automatically deactivated and it's not even showing signal..(no service)...so plzzz guys do help me to resolve this issue.... THANKS & REGARDS
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