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Overview key getting activated automatically

In my Nokia 6 the overview key gets activated automatically and if there are more than one app opened it will get into split screen mode. This keeps happening even when i am not touching the phone as if a ghost is operating the phone.

This problem is really annoying and i am not able to do anything on the phone. I tried a factory reset as well but did not work. Is there a solution to this problem?

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I have the same issue. Tried contacting Nokia support through support app in phone. They could not fix it. Advising me to wait for next update... It is frustrating... I am scared to use the phone...

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I am still using the same f####d up phone. Waiting for Moto g6 to come out. Will exchange it. My problem becomes really bad with mobile data. With WiFi its a bit toned down. If Nokia had some plans to solve this they would have done it already.
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