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4G LTE Dual Sim capability

Hello. I have on Sim1 4G LTE. Now on Sim2 I have activated a 4G LTE too. How can I use 4G, switching from SIM1 or SIM2, using LTE capability on both SIM? I cannot from Nokia8 menu. Thanks

It's not possible, if you mean both SIMs on 4G at the same time (one for voice and the other for mobile data). Both SIMs share the same antenna which is a common design to save power and which is the ususal way with 99% of the mobiles on todays market. While one SIM is on 4G the other can use 3G or 2G only.
Yes I know. Thanks I switched now using Sim Data Preferences (SIM1 or SIM2) and I finally had 4g on both sim
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