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download links for latest OTA updates

Would it be possible to get a regular download link for the latest security patches for our devices? This way, experienced users could sideload them and circumvent arbitrary carrier and location restrictions. Google is also allowing this approach for their pixel phones.

(see source: )

I wold really appreciate this, as I have stopped receiving security updates since February, for no apparent reason.

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I strongly agree. There should be no good reason not to have an official download page. Right now, there's an ugly mishmash of unofficial downloads, which exposes people to far greater risks (much more likely to get warranty claims over bricked phones, malware, general nonsense, etc).

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Thx @CD17 , but that is the kernel source and not the update files.

Please check the google source in the initial post. I was referring to those kinds of files for our Nokia phones.

That link is largely useless for updating the phones. It is a limited subset of the source code, provided to comply with legal obligations for copyright licensing purposes.

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