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3310 3G Bluetooth Questions

Hi guys, I bought a 3310 3G to use as a business mobile as it's small and light and for my use a smartphone is not required. I had a feeling I wouldn't be able to load the phone book on the car infotainment system but I can live with that. My main issue is most of the time the quality of the Bluetooth connection when making a call is real bad, it sounds muffled and robotic and rarely is clear. I have to disconnect and reconnect again for any improvement. I have tried playing music over Bluetooth and that works 100% fine so it is only when making calls. Also I have also tested that it's not the cell reception as when I go back to phone speaker it is fine again. The Bluetooth options within the phone are very limited so I guess my main question is: is it possible to do a software update on these phones? Anyone else had this issue?
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