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Mobile design.

Nokia was known for its unique and strong build quality. I think that is missing in the products. The build quility is the best but the design is not that appealing. The flagship nokia 8 copies the screen design from other android phones. I want nokia and hmd global to think about this. I don't know if you have the design patents of n series mobiles but if have the patents use the old designs and come with a unique design. Don't do what other companies are doing. Do what you are good at. Please do think about this.

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That is true in part, last year HMD released their phones with a more conservative design approach, in my opinion the most beautiful was nokia 5, now in 2018 they have improved much of the design in nokia 6 which looks better in most aspects. However I do think something perhaps is related to patents and designers since they have not used iconic designs masterpieces from some years ago into android products.  HMD has released beautiful phones but still they do not look as true to nokia design, they are close but still need improvement

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Leave those old boi now. We want something truely fresh and new that will disrupt the market.
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