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Outgoing Calls issue

 I've got an odd issue with my Nokia 6. When I place an outgoing phone call, if the person on the other end doesn't pick up, very quickly (within about 15 seconds), then the phone automatically disconnects the call. This is very, very annoying behaviour, as most voicemail services are configured to only kick in if a call hasn't been answered after about 30 seconds. My old android phone (on the same phone network, using the same SIM) didn't do this, so I know this is an issue with the Nokia 6. Does anyone know how to change this behaviour, as it really starting to get annoying.   

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 Ok , so it turns out the phone works normally on 3G just not 4G. And I'm not the only one to have this problem. Here's a whole thread about it, https://community.phones.nokia.com/support/discussions/topics/7000010884?page=1

Why won't you fix this issue Nokia? or at least give us an option to disable 4G calling without having to disable 4G entirely.

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