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[TA-1043] Strange behavior trying to pull down status bar

While the phone is lying on a table or on bed, if you try pulling down the status bar, using just one finger without touching the sides of the phone, it just won't pull down, it would like block the touch for that even though it'd register touches for usual taps and swipes. Even stranger behavior is while it won't be pulling down while it's lying on the table and the sides of the phone are not being touched, if you even slightly touch the side of the phone and then swipe down status bar, it'd work perfectly. That's one of the strangest things I've seen in a phone. There's no issues while holding and using the phone btw. Please answer back if you're facing the same issue or try replicating what I said with your device and report the behavior below, would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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 can confirm this to be a problem. really is strange. is this by design???

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@thecripplednewt so you are facing the same issue? Is it possible for you to make a video of the issue and post it on youtube and post the link here? So we can show the people the issue as many don't understand or figure out how to replicate it on their device just by reading my post. I'm thankful you understood and tested it lol, also please post your model number as well.

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 model number is TA-1043

Perfect man that's exactly the issue, what's weird is if you'd even slightly touch the sides of the phone instead of holding it, it'd still start registering it like it has some sensors or something on the sides. Also your device model is TA-1043 as well?

 yep, i guess this is by design then? because i demonstrated that in the video too, when i touched it on the sides. yep, same model

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Yes I was just starting to think I might have a faulty device but now that you've clearly confirmed the issue, I doubt of that being the case. However would like to have more people confirm this issue and have someone from Nokia/HMD explain as to what exactly that is about, if it's a feature or a fault.
Issue seems to be with the glass protector, can you remove it and report if it works fine without it?

It's working like it should be for me. I don't have glass protection. Also TA-1043.

Anyone willing to take protector/glass off and test touch?

Not just the status bar, overall touch responsiveness becomes very low if you're not touching the sides or the back of the phone. 

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