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Android 8.1.1 for Australia?

Hi Team,

I'm located in Australia and my phone is currently running Android 8.0.0. I believe that the OTA for an upgrade to 8.1 has been released more then 2 months ago. When I'm trying to perform Update check - I'm getting the message that the system is up to date.

I have been in contact with Nokia support via chat and was suggested 2 ways:

1) using a trick win uninstalling Google Services and VPN

2) taking out SIM and restarting

None of them worked for me.

Did anyone experienced that and how it could be resolved to get the phone up to date?

Thank you.



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 This is a double up of this

Sorry for that.

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8.1 has finally showed up for me. Hopefully April security patch will be available after. Yay!
Same here, just showed up. Looks like Nokia pushed it from their side. Hopefully it will not take that much time when next update released. Cheers

Glad that it has finally arrived. As said before hopefully April security patch will come through soon

Well 8.1 installed and then the March update, but so far not April update, but a good sign regardless!

Same here. March update finally arrived on my TA-1052. What a relief. Just waiting for April patch now and I might be a Nokia lover once more :)

PS. And if it's not asking too much, a bootloader unlock ? ;)

 i still dont see update here in australia. i tried with telstra, vodafone and optus  simcards.

also tried finnish Elisa simcard and it held to update security patches to april.

but still no 8.1

 i still dont see update here in australia. i tried with telstra, vodafone and optus  simcards.

also tried finnish Elisa simcard and it held to update security patches to april.

but still no 8.1

Try contacting Nokia Mobile Care team via email. For quite a few people here in Aus they were able to push the update.
Updates are rolled out in waves based on IMEI number so, unfortunately, it's a case of waiting. I have the April security update so it is rolling out.

if google releases a mid-price phone again, i am off that nokia boat for sure, the way this is looking. at least google lets you manually download updates from their website to sideload them. screw those arbitrary and secretive rollouts.

can you imagine not getting a windows, macos or linux update because of you location or your ISP? Iphones also seem to be blessed with regular and long-term update support. This update problem really is android's main flaw; and it's massive.

 i have contacted support to ask for download links for the OTA updates, so we can manually sideload them. this was the latest response:


"Dear Andreas,

Thank you for contacting Nokia Mobile Care,

In regards to your question about download links for the Security patches, we would like to inform you, that unfortunately at the moment, we simply don't have such links.

We advise you, to subscribe to our official social media profiles and also our official site, where you will be able to receive the latest news, and also you will see if these download links are added in the future. 

As for the security patches, we would like to inform you, that indeed they are released regionally, but there is no block coming from Nokia. The updates are received by Google with next to no change and are then implemented in the system. If there are any blocks, they come either from Google or from the specific providers (the phones not being SIM locked is not relevant, because the updates check the currently inserted SIM's provider information).

We hope that the above information is useful.

Any other question you may have are always welcome. Please feel free to contact us again.

Best regards, 

Nokia Mobile Care"

I'm planning to take this phone to JB HI-FI and ask for a refund. It's unstable as it is. I have to restart it several times in a day. It's my first and last Nokia after reborn. I will go with OnePlus
btw they still didn't respond to me, i sent email on Sunday or Monday :(
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