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Nokia 808 - Symbian - sync with MacOS - Bluetooth / USB / SD Card

I am happy to have a Nokia 808 camera (with a 'phone attached). It's the one with the 41MP camera.

I'm pleased to have a new battery - the old one had died.

I'm pleased with the photographs.

I have just one problem. Syncing it with my Mac.

I'd be happy to sync the photographs with anything - ideally not the SD card, because accessing that involves taking out the battery.

Unfortunately, when I try to connect through the USB charging cable, or through bluetooth, I get errors suggesting that the protocol is wrong.

It looks as if I need a driver for my Mac, or an upgrade for the Symbian OS. I can't find any recent upgrades for the 808 - which isn't a surprise. So, is there a driver, or other piece of software, that will allow me access through USB or bluetooth?

Tech Wizard

When connected via USB, in the phone top menu (pull down), tap USB.
It has 4 different modes: Data transfer, media transfer (MTP), Nokia Suite, and Phone as Modem.

One of the first three should work?
(All 4 USB modes work in Linux. I'm not familiar with Mac computers).

Please note you need a USB data cable, not just a charging cable.
(The original one that came with the 808 is a data cable).

Bluetooth file transfer should also work after the phone is paired with the Mac, but you may have to enable more protocols or allow file transfer somewhere in the settings for the particular Bluetooth connection on the Mac, or mark the 808 as a trusted (for security reasons).
After pairing with the computer, in the phone pull-down top menu, tap Bluetooth, tap paired devices, find the Mac in the list, tap and Set as authorized.

Does this help?


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None of the usb modes work with current osx. Try this:

I got my 808 recognized on mac in usb mass storage mode after installing, sadly it failed with MTP mode.

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