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Ok HMD Nokia you had your fun now impress us

Ok since you guys (Nokia-hmd) had your fun with copying useless trends from the others can you please get back to your roots and give us useful things? (All achievements have unlocked: itchiy-notcy-trendy-screen [notch] you-cant-hold-me[ edge screens] don't-showe-that-jack-to-me[no headphone jack]. And hear-nothing[no good stereo speakers except Nokia 6] hold-me-thight [no OIS on almost none of the models] ) Can you please give us some useful features? Like new generation Nokia sleeping screen, or good ois system and camera app that even better than pureview models. Or new gallery and media apps (stock gallery and media apps are not that good.) Or even better bring back the meego harmattan interface to the Android, even Apple trying to port it to the iOS (pathetically :D your version was the best ) You're making great innovations but even you don't use them don't you think it's a little bit stupid? You know creating something amazing and leaving it behind of useless trends (cough-notch-cough-edgescreen)

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I totally agree with you. Stock is fine but add meego and z launcher interface to settings . So those who want something rather than stock ui have something.

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:D That made me laugh! "you-can't hold-me"!

I agree that I'd like to see a modernised version of the old Nokia UIs (Harmattan, Fastlane, Z-Launcher) plus a phone that incorporates a great camera (OIS, physical shutter, separate two-stage camera button, dedicated image processor) and great audio.

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