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Gestures Navigation Missing

Hi I just bought Nokia 6.1 and i am looking for gestures navigation feature of this phone. Right now the navigations are shown all the time and i wana make it gesture Navigation. Its is upto date using 8.1 android.

You mean the 3 navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen (back, home, overview)? Replacing them with gestures is something very recently rumoured to be under consideration for Android P / 9. Stock Android does not currently have that feature, as far as I'm aware. Since the Nokia 6.1 is in the Android One program, that is not within HMD's control, it's up to Google. If Google do add it, it's likely to be in 9.0, which you should get around the end of 2018 (perhaps early 2019) if development proceeds as expected.
Thanks for the response. But i have seen many videos about it See this I have every other feature defined in this video except gesture navigations. See this video.i have every other feature except the first one ( gesture navigations ). There are many videos on youtube about this phone and and this feature
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