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Can't get other USB-C chargers to work

Hi. Is anyone else having issues with other types of chargers? My 7 plus will only work with the included charger. Not my two Sony chargers which both are supporting Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 and not any Samsung chargers I've tried. Is it only my phone or does the phone require a certain spec? So much for the standardization of charging ports.

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Possibly a silly question, but have you ruled out a faulty / damaged cable? In theory, it should work with any good USB charger at basic USB charge rates, or any QC charger for QC rates.
Yes. Those are not the issue. The chargers can charge other phones with USB c, as well as with micro USB.
My Nokia 8 won't charge with Samsung USB-C cable.

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That's strange. Can anyone else here charge their phone with another charger? Isn't this the basic idea behind USB as a standard for charging?
When I tried with my Japanese SoftBank branded QC 3.0 the phone started to charge, but stopped and started again over and over again. My other USB C phone charges with it just fine though. I will try it again and see, only tried it once so far. Got another QC 3.0 charger also I have not tried yet. Will update when I've tried it.

After a lot of trial and error I've figured out that there is a difference between the brands and that some brands charge only with the usb-c plug flipped one of the two possible ways. Some chargers don't charge on the reverse side at all, while some just give out a low voltage.

Really strange.

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