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nokia 3 after update to v8 x sign on signals.

after update nokia to latest version x sign on ther any sulotion .mobile is working fine.just show x sign on signals.thanks

There is no solution to the X over network signal, only HMD can provide a solution because it was there during beta test also. The X will perhaps be fixed when Nokia 3 receive Oreo 8.1

 Thought the SIM was not working anymore because of X, but it does work...

Will Nokia 3 update android 8.1 & p9.0 in feature
@Appu Mali it's a big maybe if Nokia 3 gets Android 8.1. If HMD releases Nokia 5 (2018) and a Nokia 3 (2018) then we can forget Android P for nokia 3 2017

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HMD announced 2years of free software upgrade to its devices & in some third party sources has the news of the android P upgrade will available the start of 2019 for Nokia devices
They announced it yes, but if they live up to it is a different story. I won't believe it until I see it.

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One more thing with I forget.i lost all of my sim contacts with this update.its sounds strange.that with update the phone lost the sim contacts.but it's true.if you update any other smart phone your sim contacts and sd card deta will remain same .you don't lost any thing.and I prefer that don't update your device to v8 .


Hi everyone, 

I had to delete some of the comments in this topic. Please watch your language, don't insult each other and respect the opinion of others. 

Thank you. 

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