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Reporting 6 Issues And Bugs In N3 Running Android Oreo (8.0.0)

Hi. Here I'm going to report 6 issues/bugs in N3 Oreo (8.0.0). 1. The headphones/headset attached indicator icons are missing after 8.0.0 update; tweaking the related option in System UI Tuner or doing a factory reset won't help to solve this. Nokia Support Chat employee tested this on his own N3 handset and after accepting it as a bug, promised to report it to the related department in Nokia. 2. If the Nokia's promise about N3 about delivering an Android One device to Nokia users is true, then there should be an option to disable annoying Nokia's boot/startup sound. Even my previous Xperia phone, which wasn't an Android One device, had an option for disabling the boot/startup sound. 3. It seems there isn't a way to turn off the annoying multiple beep sounds after running any USSD code. I don't know which app is responsible for making these sounds. I hadn't this issue in my Xperia device. 4. The 4 arrows glyphs (←↑↓→) in N3's system font are shown incorrectly throughout the system; can be checked by using the default keyboard (Gboard). This is really annoying and needs a fix. 5. VoLTE option has gone from N3 after 8.0.0 update; taking a look at the greyed-out VoLTE option in system's hidden "Phone info" menu (*#*#4636#*#*) will show this. On the box it says phone supports VoLTE. 6. If the user wants to access the Phone app from a secure lockscreen, by using the provided shortcut located at the bottom left corner, he/she should act fastly when entering the password, otherwise one will be forced to do the process for a second time. This issue wasn't present in Nougat 7.1.1. Please fix these issues in upcoming 8.1 update; if the Nokia's support is true; I think it's not a hard thing to do. Waiting for any response/instructions/help. Thanks in advance.

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We reported the headphone icon bug during beta test but HMD ignored it, the same with the camera shortcut bug(double tap power button when screen is off), don't expect HMD to fix anything until Oreo 8.1 or Android P
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