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Can't create new topics / respond to some topics!!!

This site is nonsense! Since the username that cannot be changed, to problems even POSTING something... we have a life, dear "Nokia"!

Can't create NEW posts...

Can't even post on this topic:


Problem happens on NOKIA 5 category


Hello User1521316826854

Sorry, your  posts and opened topics ended up in our ‘need for approval’ folder. A moderator had to approve it first. This happens quite rarely and I’m sorry for the inconvenience.  

Concerning  the username, it should be changeable by clicking on the arrow next to your profile picture and clicking ‘edit profile’ and then choosing the name you want to have. 

Please keep me updated with the username problem. 

Best  regards, 


Community Hero

Hi Laura As we've pointed out several times, the profile page doesn't work for many people.
I have the same problem: my posts are not diplayed. Even in a topic I have created I'm not able to post in. Indeed this happens quiet rarely... actually it happens 

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Can't post an image...

This is insane... please RESOLVE the issues with this forum! It's a waste of time for users...

NEW ERROR when trying to post (sometimes the post is LOST!)

We're sorry, but something went wrong.

We've been notified about this issue and we'll take a look at it shortly.


Hi user1521316826854


same issue as in my post above. The post doesn’t disappear it just ended up in the ’need for approval’ folder which then I have to approve. Same is with pictures posted. Unfortunately, I’m not working 24/7 so this can take some time. The pre-moderation was established by my predecessor and is something I can’t change quite immediately. So next time, please have a bit of patience so I can approve your posts and then they will show up. 


Best regards, 


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