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Mobile is hang. Kindly give some advice its urgent.

Hi team, After the android update for April 2018, my Nokia 5 is getting some issues. Some apps are getting hang, performance lagging, heating issues. Now today most of the apps are getting hang even "Youtube", "Facebook", "Whatsapp". Now the worst part is my mobile is hanged for around 3 hrs(till now), it just shows me the boot screen with NOKIA logo. The most worst part is tomorrow I have an important event, and my mobile is hanged. I am a professional user, didn't install any random apps or un-authorised apps. I am a fan of Nokia from my school days and I prefer the stock android with minimal apps. I don't know what happens with this device. Kindly give some advice what should I do?

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Try to hard reset your phone or visit your nearest service center if the phone is not turning on.
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