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Could not install system update for Oreo

Could not update to Oreo even though Oreo update is recommended for update. It is giving an error saying 'Verification Problem's. I have tried twice now.

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Tech Wizard

For somebody to hopefully better help, please, in Settings > System > About the phone:

- Phone model (TA-????)?

- Android version?

- Security update version?


- Your country?

- Your mobile operator / carrier?

Or maybe backup all personal files on the phone, remove the SD memory card (if any), then try a factory 'hard' reset the phone and see how it goes?
Please make sure to insert an active SIM card, and connect the phone to a reliable Wi-FI (if possible) during the first start up after the reset.

I tried reset but Oreo is still not getting installed Phone model (TA-1021) Android version:7.1.1 Security update version:1 July 2017 Your country:India Your mobile operator / carrier?:Vodafone.
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