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Sim 2 Not working

Today I received my Nokia 7 Plus . But sadly Sim Slot 2 is not working .. It detects the sim and operator but there is no network . Tried with Airtel Vodafone and Jio ... Same result every time . Even I tried Hard Reset .. still no luck

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Yes... Exactly the same issue. Ask for your money back immediately
Hi Vikram are they refunding your money??
They gave a timeline if 48 'Working Hours' to solve the issue ... Very Very Disappointed
Same here bro ,they asked to upload a video and wait for 48 hrs.
omg !!! they even need the video ...
Do you think they will refund the amount or only replace it?

Very very disappointed from Nokia. My case is still in progress. I would never ever recommend anyone to buy Nokia phone. Every time i call the customer care, only response that i get is that they have forwarded my request to the concerned department. I mean its been two complete days of my request for return and still the request is floating here and there. Forget the refund, at least give me an all ok set please. Is anyone in this Nokia universe is reading these forums???? 

Asking a video is simply ridiculous from Nokia. They gave a defective product to the consumer and now they want the customer to prove his genuineness. Absolutely ridiculous. Why cant they ask the customer to visit the authorized Nokia service center and if the executive at the center finds the problem genuine, he can give a replacement hand to hand.

It is much much much better to buy a Chinese phone of Rs 5000 which at least can do this very basic function of reading sim and providing network correctly. I mean its been 14 days now that i have paid Rs. 26000 and still i am phone less. I have borrowed a temporary phone from my friend as i sold my old android phone before i got the delivery of this defective 7 plus. Can anyone please please please listen to the problem customers are facing.

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Such services will ruin Nokia again .please admin read these comments from the forum and try to resolve as soon as possible, although just software update is required for enabling all the sim slots with volte,face detection option is also not available.

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I merged this topic with a similar one. 

I'm sorry to hear that all of you are facing this issue and I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. 

We noticed your problems and I will come back to you as soon as I can. 

Best regards,