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Nokia 7 Plus pre order

Anyone knows how do we track the pre-ordered phone from Nokia portal.

I could only see the order history but cant track the status.

Also the phone started selling on e-commerce website starting today and they are delivering it on the same day.

and here I cant check the status of my PRE_ORDERED Nokia 7 Plus.

Same here, and i have mailed them many times still no response

After shipping, they are providing a tracking id.Those who had ordered black colored handsets have already received it.I had ordered a white Nokia 7 plus and it is yet to be shipped (Though I was one of the first ones to pre-order it).

thanks fahad ... seems the black vetsion gets shipped 1st. Any word on the white variant. when it will be shipped. also seem to worry about the issues seen in the phone ...

There seem to be some issues with the availability of white handsets. Currently, they are unavailable in the offline stores and even on online portals (including Nokia Mobile Shop).

Nokia Customer Care Executive didn't have a satisfactory answer to the question and told me to wait for a couple of days :(

I Booked Black variant and I got a mail that my product is shipped, but I didn't get any Tracking ID... And I have no idea whn it will be delivered as it z May Day Tomorrow... Any idea brothers ???
i hope you should be able to get it by 2nd May. As for the white variant .. the representative asked to wait for 2 to 3 days more. Seeing the phone geting delivered in a single day in e commerce sites is adding fuel to frustration
To be honest I didn’t see any benefit of pre-ordering the device. I ordered the black version through Amazon India yesterday evening and will be getting the phone sometime today. There was no difference in terms of the price or the offers as compared to preorder. I think preorder would have been attractive if there were some goodies offered along with the phone.
I just spoke to the customer care and the y said that it will be shipped by evening today. I ordered the white one as well. Now just going to go to the store and look at the physical phone :)

I ordered the white version as well. Still no email regarding any update on status of my order. I mailed to customer care to which they replied the device would be delivered in 2-3 days aprox. Moreover they said I could  track my order on delhivery.com by entering 'waybill(AWB)' number. I haven't got any such number. The only number I have is my order number which I got from conformation email sent by nokia. I wonder if its the same as order ID as asked by delhivery on their website to track orders.

same here the white version has no signs of shipping yet. but if they do i believe that an tracking id will be there for the courier. now doubting my decision to go for nokia .. had been a fan of nokia phones ..and this one offered good specs but overpriced..still no problem its nokia ..ready to pay .. but where is the pre ordered device ..aint i suppose to get some privilege of pre booking it.
I saw on both amazon and here that shipping would only start on April 30. I guess pre-ordering was only enabled for people to book the color and device in advance. I have noticed that the white variant went out of stock multiple times since April 20 and even yesterday, it was only available for a brief time. It is available today only on the Nokia website and nowhere else. I placed my order yesterday once the white variant was listed as available because I also wanted to check for offers on Amazon. Barring the fact that they allow me to exchange the old Nokia windows phone I used to own, there is nothing special about the offers. Not to mention that the white variant is unavailable there. Maybe they haven't made a lot of white devices. I don't think we have any reason to fret so much, or mistrust the brand. It is just a little bit of wait. If that's not a possible solution, we can always check on the cancelation and order from amazon. As long as I receive the device in the time customer care mentioned and it works as promised, I'm happy The customer care said I could call and ask them for the AWB so I will do that later today or tomorrow morning.
Does anyone's white nokia 7 plus dispatch or not..?? I pre-order it as it was available for pre-order..no benefits of that..still not shipped.. waiting waiting waiting..
I am facing same problem. I had ordered white Nokia 7 plus, already called customer care 2 times and send them email. They say it will be delivered in 4-5 days, but they did not give any AWB number. Very frustrated.
They cant give you awb no bcz they dont have as phone is not shipped yet..very poor service from nokia..that was a bad decision to pre order n7+..its almost 2 mnth waiting for this phn..
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