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No sound in calls in Nokia 8.. getting weird issue..No sound in calls during incoming calls..I have to switch to loudspeaker mode which is not expected..this is very basic functionality and how come this got missed during product phone is new..April 2018 model..can you please guide me how to fix the issue??? Is there any ulternative to fix the issue??? It's really's very annoying to enable loudspeaker mode everytime for incoming vcalls...pls solve it at the earliest...

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I have The Same Problem. Send IT for repair get IT Back with commend "Software Update" . Worked 1 day now Same Problem again...

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I have the same issue, no problem with speaker or with some kind of headset. There was 2 updates I installed yesterday and got it working one time. Several reboots, trued different network and cellular (3/4G) but same problem. This definitely feels lite software issue and would love to see a fix for this is really annoying.

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I have the same issue also. Ear Speaker doesn't work anymore. Nokia please rectify asap. This is supposed to be one of your flagship phones. If you can't get the basics right you might as well stop making anymore phones.

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any updates? not good when there´s some silence. Do we need to take it back for refound?

What I've noticed is the earpiece volume in the phone is very, very reduced so it is unintelligible.  Even the volume on the speaker phone seems to be throttled.  I know the phone can be louder, because I'm able to view videos with plenty of volume.  This needs to be addressed ASAP!

Having issue with calls it makes some weird sound sometimes

Send it for repair second  time, 3 Weeks no phone, then they said no repair possible..

Now i get my money back. No more Nokia! Bye Bye...

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