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Network problem is second sim slot after a security update

Dear HMD Global Hi to many problems are happening in the device "Nokia 8" a premium category smart phone by Nokia or HMD Global , first of all the camera is taking about 15 to 25 second for focus in the meantime all image shows like totally blurred I fond know what is the problem , I have visited the service centre about 4 to 5 times for camera and network problem , but still the problem is existing. The second problem is not recognize the network in sim 2 slot after updating the recent security update provide by google or nokia whatever . The problem was solved by the hard reset of software , and again it's happening again whenever we are trying to update . So why you are release this type of stupid updates . I think that I have made a big mistake to trust nokia that I have purchased nokia 8 , is this a routine to visit your service center in a week .... I am not happy with this .........
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Hey dear bro, it's waste to tell them. They do only what they want. 7 months onwards we told many things there are just basic not even their responsd
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