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Oreo 8.1 for TA1024 not available in the UK

The roll out of 8.1 started at the end of March and now here we are in May and it still hasn't reach the UK (neither has the April security update). Is there a problem that's holding back these updates?

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Count me in as a frustrated and disappointed customer. HMD, under UK consumer protection law, you voluntarily created a legal obligation to provide frequent updates. The primary issue here is abysmal communication about the status of updates. You need to drastically improve communication immediately, to avoid potential action by government agencies. If there is a delay or problem, it must be explained. The explanation does not have to give great detail, a high level summary should be sufficient. It is about managing expectations and generally keeping your customers properly informed. The overall silence is extremely infuriating and will be highly damaging to your brand if it continues. The fact that this should be so trivial to avoid, by simply telling us what the issues are and what to expect, compounds the situation.
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