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Restarting issue in Nokia 7 plus

Bought 7 plus yesterday,but the phone keeps rebooting in a day 3-4 times,spoke too support team their solution was to factory reset but it's not working.Is the product faulty? Feel like I should replace the phone.

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That surely seems like a hardware issue. Other possibility could be a bad application, but a factory reset should fixed it then. I would get it replaced if I was in your shoes.

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Thanks for the reply,Factory reset didn't fix it, looks like a hardware issue. Have asked to replace the mobile.
Mine is doing the same thing, have you managed to resolve the issue?
Mine has restarted 4 times in the last couple of days - twice today when I wasn't even using it.
Just restarted again. Not sure if its a full restarted, as I don't have to put in my sim pin password. I think this handset maybe going back No way of knowing if its a bug. I'm running on 8.0 Feb
The issue hasn't been solved yet, the phone restarts randomly in a day.Nokia was supposed to give me a replacement,but here India the support team is worst, neither they reply to ur emails neither the customer care solves the problem.They were suppose to pick my old phone 2 weeks back,buy zero feedback. And I am using 8.1 from 1st day itself,wish I hadn't bought Nokia phone.

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Try side android P and check if its happening there.. if it happens there. .then its a hardware issue... but frequent rebooting is normally a software issue.. 

I was hoping that the 8.1 update may resolve the issue, but it sounds like some people are having the restart issue on 8.1. My phone has restarted again overnight. I think I'll look at getting a replacement.
Hello people, my 7 plus restarts itself random while is charging, in last 2 3 days. Does anybody know what the problem might be ?
Same issue here. Phone was delivered on Wednesday and has been restarting several times a day. Tried factory reset and hasn't resolved the issue so I guess I have a busted phone.
Did u guys try clearing wipe use data from boot loader and flashing the factory image (even android P) via adb.. it seems user data partition is corrupt.. if it doesnt solve, u need to take to service centre.. Thanks
I had updated my phone to the new update after 8.1 , which didn't solve the restart issue,finally on Friday my phone was taken by Nokia for replacement,which I had requested on 2nd May.Now waiting for new phone,hoping they won't take 18 days again. If you have restart issue plz go for replacement, looks like a hardware issue,coz had the latest update.
Factory reset does not mean ur user data is gone... If u have replacment option go for it.. even service centre.. but what i suggested to wipe data partition and then side loading factory image 8.0 or 8.1 to recheck.. but anyway here is a way how to side load any image.

It's a Wi-Fi related problem. Try turning off the Wi-fi on the phone and see if it happens. I had the same problems, but have just been using the phone for a week with no Wi-Fi and had no reboots at all. I also noticed that in weak Wi-Fi areas it's a lot worse - basically every time the phone requests data through Wi-fi (like when you open an app) it would restart.

I've told HMD Global directly about this problem (I'm a tech journalist) and I'm going to keep on at them for a response - I'm also going to send this thread over to them as this is obviously a real problem affecting lots of people.

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