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Camera only use 1 lens

Nokia 7 plus only use 1 lens in taking photo both Auto and pro that is the top lens The bottom lens only for bokeh photo.. Why they put dual camera lens without the ability to use it at the same time.. disappointing .. Nokia 8 uses both lens at the same time

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1 lens is the normal one while 2nd is the telephoto one. Both will not be used at the same time unless it's a bokeh photo. The telephoto lens is used for 2x zoomed photos.

In bokeh mode only the bottom lens is use.... You can try to cover one of them and you can see that the other lens are not in use

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Same issue here. Camera mostly uses the primary lens instead of telephoto, even in bright daylight. It is obviously bug in the camera software. Because sometimes it changes instantly but most of the time I have to tap on the screen or pan around to make the camera switch to telephoto.
Back in the Lumia days, all Nokia uses only 1 lens but Lumia has the best camera, always Nokia phone on top... Now Nokia uses dual lens,,, but still pics are not good enough to compare to Lumia phones. I hope they make a phone with single lens 20mp,pureview,
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