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Nokia 7 plus headphone jack issues.

The audio quality via headphone jack is terrible. i hope Nokia fixes it coz the audio quality is very low & distorts at high volume.

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Yep. Same complaints. And I don't think the earphone fully fits in the headphone jack

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Since the recent OTA update I have started facing another issue with the headphone jack. It works inconsistently, it stops working in between and then I have to restart my phone to make it work again. I have tried multiple earphones/headphones but the issue remains. Anyone else facing the same issue ??

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Yes i am facing the same issue

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Activate the system ui tuner and turn on the visibility for 3.5 mm jack. The phone will detect headphones perfectly.

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Puneet, Can you guide me for the same. How to activate the UI Tuner and turn on the visibility for headphone jack

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Pull down the QS panel, hold the settings icon for a few seconds and then let it go. It will activate the system ui tuner. The UI tuner would be present in the system settings area. Go to it and turn on the visibility for 3.5 mm jack.

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I am able to see the headphone jack icon now and I am able to see what is happening. As I am taking out the headphone from the jack then the icon gets enabled and as I am plugging it in then it gets disabled. It should be the opposite. It should enable the headphones sign once it is plugged in and disable once it is plugged out. Definitely something is wrong on the software part here

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It's working as it should be for me. Shows when plugged in and vanishes on plugging out.

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Issue still persists for me. Anyways thanks for the help buddy. Appreciate it.
So, this issue started happening with me also. When earphones are plugged in, sound comes from loudspeaker but when earphones aren't plugged in, sound doesn't come through loudspeaker. Buggy software.

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Well hasn't happened to me till now. Fingers crossed.
It almost feels like the software is developed and maintained by amateur developers.

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I tried the factory reset. It's still buggy, headphones icon is not getting enabled at all now but so far the phone has responded positively regarding headphones plug in. Don't know what these software developers are doing

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Isn't it Google's own software? #Androidone 
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