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the internal shared storage - system is 4.07 GB

On my new Nokia 2, I noticed that the SYSTEM occupies more than 4.07 GB as the total internal storage is 8 GB.  Is this normal?  Ive 16 GB SD card also installed on the same mobile.  I hardly have any applications on my mobile.  The internal shared memory shoots up very often and I have to move files between the internal to the SD.  kindly let me know...



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It's not just you. First, you need to format your SD card to internal memory. This will increase your internal memory. Once you've done that, you need to turn on the developer options which will allow you to save apps to SD card, you know, the kind of apps that can only be stored on the internal memory. This two steps worked for me. My only other issue is how slow and sluggish the phone is. I hope the Oreo 8.1 update will fix this.

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