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Pro camera app

Did anyone able to guess when NOKIA 8 user's get pro the way Nokia 8 SIROCCO fail in Indian markets because 1. Old processor (last year processor) 2. High price... any way both 7 plus and 8 SIROCCO launched.... waiting for pro camera

Failed?? Both were just lunched!!!
Nokia 8 SIROCCO failed India....where 7plus no comments... 8 SIROCCO available in

If only someone would start another thread regarding the pro camera app, i mean it isn't like anyone has ever mentioned it before.

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@user1508938037450 you can bang on all you like but posting on here will make zero difference. People can post a million threads on here ranting at Nokia and why they are not getting a better camera app but it will fall on deaf ears with this being a community forum and not a support forum attended by Nokia technical staff.

If you want to directly address Nokia regarding the camera app then tweet @Nokiamobile and ask them directly, the people that matter will know how you feel then.

Translation of the above user @7450 - The topic has been discussed in DIVERSE THREADS, only that the Nokia "does not care about the bean" !!! NOTHING MORE HAPPENS AFTER the announcement at the MWC 2018! Oh about the support no information / information to get. So at the users (here) it is NOT

I replayed to the post made in German was it seems it was never approved.

Front camera pics are really washed out mostly, only few times only it performance good mostly not failure...even steady shots also not always best......13mp can give excellent but why Nokia 8 fails


How can you say the Nokia 8 front camera is washed out?? Mine is the sharpest front camera i have ever used. 

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amul baby drink milk and enjoy with your best front camera performance which you ever camera waiting for hmd nokia team to release firmware to fix issues


So this photo of me,what's not sharp or washed out about it?? My front camera is absolutely fine,tack sharp. You must have a bad unit

Yeah bro. keep convincing yourself that the main camera app was good. Meanwhile, im having the best experience on my google cam.
Today used Google camera app, it's absolutely fantastic why Nokia clearly fail in camera department

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