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Sim card / mobile data problem, date 02052018

So, my problem started out of nowhere, my Nokia 8 (TA-1004) lost wifi and mobile data. I can't connect to wifi anymore and I have no service.
So here comes the weird part. My sim works in every other phone I've tested it, it just doesn't work in mine, AND every other sim card I've tested in my phone
works fine. My sim also blocks my wifi somehow, if it's inserted, it keeps turning off my phone's wifi, no matter how many times I keep turning it on. If I take
sim out, wifi works fine. 

If I turned it off, the problem came back. Now, after Oreo 8.1 update even this method doesn't work. Nothing has worked since.
Here's what I've done:
-Factory reset through settings
-Wipe data/factory reset through recovery
-I called my operator, they didn't know what the problem is. They recommended to send my phone to manufacturer.

This upper part is copied from another message, so this is not only my problem.

This is the third time , TA-1004 does this. Two previous times this occurred, the factory reset worked, but after OS update ( very likely ), nothing happens...

I would very much like a quick answer to this as I start be quite p***ed off with this issue.

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