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Behold - Laura is here


Hello  everyone 

My name is  Laura and I’m the new Community Manager here. I have joined the HMD team not long ago and I’m looking forward to meet all of you in our forum. 

We are  aware that in the last few months there was not a lot of active participation in the forum from our side and we want to apologize for that. Still be assured  we are reading the forum constantly and take your complaints seriously. In the  future we will interact more actively and provide you the latest information about our products but please keep in mind the forum is still mostly used as a  peer-to-peer community, where members can express their opinions, experience and feelings towards the HMD/Nokia products. 

As most of you know we’re still a young company and we are constantly learning. We want to improve the community step by step and to do so we need your help. Feel free to share your ideas, suggestions and hopes you have for this community >>here<<. We are grateful for your feedback and try to provide an open and friendly community everyone can enjoy. I’m convinced together we can make an extraordinary place out of the forum. 

Have a  great day, 


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What about the mass of complaints including myself of the screens going black on the Nokia 6.1 2018 Model TA 1050. Impossible to act when you receive a phone call - fundamental when its called a PHONE. Complete absence of any fixes or comments from Nokia. Bob Locke

I don't know, i've not had a single issue with my Nokia 6.1 been very reliable so far. Just the odd update issue

Laura,can you please let me know any info regarding my thread on Nokia 6.1 updates?? Not one answer from anyone so far. It's mid July and my sim free UK model is still on May update 

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