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Hi All,

bought Nokia 7 plus on 30th March, camera picture quality is not up to the mark specially low light out put is horrendous...picture is yellowish..   user interface is not smooth considering stock android.... hope to see an OTA update soon that can fix this issues.

I try to download Google camera app and I notice the problem is in the Nokia camera pro app, when you take a photo using Nokia camera app in lowlight the app capture image almost 1 second after the dual led flash light up so the result image is darker and with yellow tint. Nokia camera app should capture photo right at the when the dual led flash light up
Its not a software problem it's hardware issu. In dual tone flash the quantity of yellow light is higher so photos is looking more warmer and this problem is with all camera application like Google, nokia , open cmra
Last few days I try to download load Google pixel camera app version 7, and compare it with Nokia camera app in both daylight and lowlight, In daylight, Picture taken in Google camera are slightly better than the picture taken by Nokia camera and In lowlight picture taken in Google camera is better than Nokia camera. In Google camera app, there's no yellow tint Capture brighter and clear,.. I rate the picture taken in. Google camera=9.5/10 Nokia camera= 3/10. So the problem is with the Nokia camera app, not hardware.. I already give feedback to costumer support and they said that it's their job to give it to the right department in hmd.. let's wait for update..
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