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Nokia 2


I am a Dublin Ireland-based journalist working in the Community, Voluntary & Development Sector.

I have a Windows 10 phone and was delighted recently to find out that I can record interviews/calls on the phone.

However twice recently I had problems doing so.

Could you tell me if any of your phones have a recording calls feature? I am aware that there are some external apps for doing so but I don't like them.

Somebody told me that the Nokia 2 has this feature. I would be looking for a prepay Nokia with this feature at the cheaper side of the price range.



Tech Wizard

Hello Darren, I am sorry to say that no any phones from Nokia supports inbuilt call recording feature at the moment. Thank you.

I am using Nokia 2 right now and I so love it. It's 4G, fast and reliable. Starstyle Nigeria is a new e-commerce company still under construction: Pls we would like to market Nokia phones and other Nokia products, please what are the procedures?

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