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Heat issue while charging

I bought nokia 7 plus from Nokia website(pre order) and phone was delivered on 30th April itself. Today (3rd May), i kept phone for charging and the temperature went up really high. Phone is heated a lot and I assume there is certain issue.

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I am noticing the same thing. I received my phone on Apr-30.

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Even i also pre-ordered from nokia website and the phone becomes too hot while charging.

Also i got 8.1 with april security patch pre-installed after unboking.

Dod you guys also got it pre-installed. The devices sold via amazon received the update after unboking.

 I am also facing same issue, pre-order it and got it on 30th Apr. Can moderator or somebody help in this?

Hello friends, I have received following response from Nokia team. In response to your concern regarding in Nokia 7 Plus, we would like to inform you that kindly follow below mentioned steps: 1. Please try to Force restart device by pressing volume up key and power key button for 20 sec then the device will vibrate three times and device will automatically restart. 2. Please Use device on safe mode for 2-3 hour to check. To activate and deactivate safe mode kindly follow below mention steps: a. Press and Hold Power Key Button b. Then Press and Hold Power Off Option which will appear on display. c. You will get Pop up REBOOT TO SAFE MODE>>Then Press Ok. d. Device Will restart automatically then it will start in SAFE MODE e. RESTART DEVICE to come out from SAFE MODE Further, request you kindly try above mentioned troubleshoots and revert us back if the issue get resolved or not. Moreover, refund is not available from our side we can arrange replacement if issue not get resolved.
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