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Cast screen not given

hey i just got my new sirocco but as usaually from there all other models Cast screen not provided. hate you nokia for such things, when this is provided by all others cell phone makers even lava

Even the option is not available in 7 plus and 6 . This may degrade there sale. I will post these things on Amazing and over there shopping sites if they are not resolving soon
Cast screen is available in Nokia's every Android phone right now i am using sirocco there is cast option available and i have used it just go to settings and search cast.

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Is there a way to get the Sirocco to search for nearby devices? You tube successfully casts. When I check the Cast page in Settings I'm given a message about no device nearby.
The Mira cast is disabled by Android from Nougat. Pixel and Nexus 6p has the same issue. They are enabled only to support chrome cast. But I am surprised to see that Android one device like MI A1 has the wireless display option to cast screen which is working perfectly. So Nokia should enable this to help users. I hv a smart TV usually casting screen with older device but with 7+ it's not working.

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