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Nokia 7 plus continuously hangs. Device unusable until locked and unlocked again.

I just bought the Nokia 7 plus from Hmd Gbl India website on preorder. The device started hanging right from the first device setup. The screen keeps being unresponsive to touches all the time. Locking and unlocking makes screen usable again. Please help me in trouble shooting the issue. I am frustrated.

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Me facing exactly same issue. No solution till time. Don't know what to do.

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I am using Nokia 7 Plus(Indian Unit(pre-ordered)) since 1st May and I'm really a heavy user. I play PUBG , COC most of the day and daily. Even I clear my recent background task very often. Like after 2 or 3 days I clear them all. And till now I haven't face any lag on my nokia 7 Plus. So those who have such problems please contact with local nokia service centre.

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I am also facing the same issue. Dont know what to do with it. Are they going to release any update regarding this. ?

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I am also having this problem. Mine is indian unit purchased from Amazon the initial day of sale.

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I have also facing the same issue. I have done all the solution which was provided by support team and I had visited to Nokia Service Centre also they reinstall the software but still I am facing same issue. You have find any solution regards this problem?

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So 6 people till now are facing this issue! I am frustrated man! I have sent the phone back to HMD global, Delhi. Nokia raised pick up request to Delhivery courier on 9th May, phone was picked up on 14th. Still in transit as on 23 May evening. No followup by Nokia for Delhivery. One of my life's biggest mistakes was buying a Nokia in 2018. Reach me here edited by moderator: Please no personal information in the post 

No i don't have any kind of problem like lag, hanging if you have then you should upload the videos on public platform like YouTube so we can see exactly what's the problem you are facing

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Mine running smooth even on extensive heavy gaming. If you have any lagging or hanging problem please make a video and share it, cause nobody have such big issues like you said. Don't be picky on small things, ik here and there animation shutter but not a big deal, they'll be fixed by updates
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