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Nokia 7 plus continuously hangs. Device unusable until locked and unlocked again.

I just bought the Nokia 7 plus from Hmd Gbl India website on preorder. The device started hanging right from the first device setup. The screen keeps being unresponsive to touches all the time. Locking and unlocking makes screen usable again. Please help me in trouble shooting the issue. I am frustrated.

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Things I tried 1.Factory Reset 2.ABuyer suggestions (mentioned earlier in this thread) 3.Android P V 3.150 upgrade (touchscreen V1.017.19 now) The problem still persists.I didn't want it to be a hardware problem but I guess it is. New buyers should at once get the handset replaced and not wait for workaround.
I applied the Abuyer solution since yesterday and the phone seems to be more stable. It is not 100% but more manageable
As user1533089151263, I didn't want it to be a real hardware problem, as it would result in having no phone for several weeks. Not everybody has a spare phone lying around. I'm still hoping Nokia will publish some explanation on this matter, certainly because a lot of users are experiencing the issue. I will definitely send it back for repairs if Android 9 does not solve the problem. If the final version takes too long, I might even send it back sooner.
Has anyone tried hard reset (not the factory reset) ?
@Arun I have tried hard reset and every other possible solution but this issue still persists. Nothing is helping out.
Guys I have tweeted this to @NokiaMobileIn twitter handle and I suggest everyone that please fill up their every social media handle with like these words so that whoever reach at their social media platforms will be known about this issue and think 100 times before buying this phone. If they notice people are considering other brands due to this then might be they will bother to address this issue. DO NOT BUY "Nokia 7 Plus".(BUGGY TOUCHSCREEN) The issue is touchscreen gets unresponsive every now and then so frequently and works only after locking and unlocking it. #HateNokia Check out below thread on Nokia Community Forum about this ridiculous issue:

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