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[Updated] House Rules!


To keep the  community running smoothly and to make it easier for you and for us we changed  our house rules.


  • Be kind – everyone has a right to give an opinion and should feel free to express it. Treat each other with  respect. 
  • Don’t post illegal, adult-themed, racist, abusive, sexist or otherwise offensive content. You will be  removed from the forum.
  • No spam. We consider any irrelevant  or advertising-related post as spam. It’ll be removed.
  • Use meaningful headlines. Give your topic  meaningful headlines so other members know immediately what it is about and can comment or follow it. 
  • Give the search bar a try. Before opening a new topic use the search bar and look for similar topics. This will  avoid having certain topics multiple times and keeps the community clean and clear. 
  • No posts in all uppercase letters. It will be considered as shouting and rude and thus gets deleted. 
  • Post your topic in the right  section. Questions e.g. concerning Nokia 6 should end up in the Nokia 6 area  and not in the Nokia 5 area. 
  • Say thank you. If a comment helped  you with your question, give thanks by marking the comment as answer. 
  • Keep your posts in English. For now, the Community is global and therefore in English. Please keep your posts in English and don’t worry if your English isn’t the best, we will understand you. Posts in other languages will be deleted. 
  • Don’t share any personal data  in your posts i.e. full name, your personal email address, phone number or IMEI number. 
  • Use the inappropriate button only for reporting spam and inappropriate posts. The inappropriate button is not meant for sending questions and complains to us. 
  • Consider this is a peer-to-peer community.  Nokia users can share their experience, knowledge and tips. For technical support click >here
  • By posting you agree to the rules. 

Enjoy the community and have a great day, 


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