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Can't set permissions on Nokia 6

Hi, the support chat couldn't help so I hope somebody here can help me. I can't set certain app permissions on my TA-1021 with Android 8.1 which is causing some apps to not work properly. For example for the K9 Mail app I can't set: Setting -> Apps -> App Permissions -> Additional Permissions: - Read emails - Read email attachments - Delete emails - K9 mail remote control Without these permissions I don't get push messages as before on my old android 4.4 device. When I turn on these permissions with the slider it turn green, but as soon as I leave the menu the slider turn grey again and the permission turns off. Same with my dictionary app and: Setting -> Apps -> App Permissions -> Additional Permissions: - read and write AnkiDroid database Without that permission I can't export vocabulary to the flashcard app AnkiDroid. On my old Samsung everthing worked fine. Why does Nokia refuse to set these permissions? Any ideas? Thank you very much John

Anybody with the same problem? Once a permission is turned on, it turns off automatucally when I leave the menu. Since this behaviour just occurs with certain apps and not all apps, what can I do?
Those permissions are non-standard, i.e. they are not part of Android. They must be coming from those apps. It could be that the apps have not yet been updated for Oreo. Many things have changed in Android from 4.4 to 8.1, so the apps may be using some old API which Google have changed or removed. You are probably more likely to get answers from support forums/groups/etc for those apps. It's probably not a Nokia thing.
Thanks for your reply, Murph. I think you might be right that. I was just wondering why other brands don't have these problems with the same apps on Android 8.1. They can change the mentioned permissions without problem. Nevertheless, I could just fix this problem by re-installing the app. The permissions still can't be changed, but the apps are working now even with turned off permissions (don't ask me how this can be possible. Maybe a bug in stock Android 8.1).
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