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Laura Tell Us When To Expect Pro Camera App Update On Nokia 8

Hello Laura, I'm happy that you have been appointed a Moderator of this forum and that's a great news because it will help in providing confirmed answers to issues raised. Since last year, Nokia promised us that Nokia 8 will receive a camera Update as the present camera app of the device doesn't utilize the features of the Carl Zeiss Optics lens adequately. Also, during the MWC 2018, it was announced that all Nokia Android smartphones that runs on Carl Zeiss Optics lens will be provided with a Pro Camera App update. Nokia 8 is equipped with Carl Zeiss and since then, Nokia has kept us in the dark as all hopes that the update would come with the monthly security patch updates were dashed. Please what is happening? It is the right of consumers to know the full plans of Nokia for their phones and it is our right to know when Nokia will release the update as promised. Google Camera App works pretty well on the Nokia 8 and I'm sure the Pro Camera App will make us enjoy the value for our money. Kindly tell us why Nokia has kept us in the dark and when to expect the Pro Camera App update. It is our right to know such and not even a privilege because we purchased Nokia 8 with our money with hope that Nokia will keep its promise of pushing regular updates to its devices. Thanks.

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I agree with you .... exactly my friends cheap phones have good features especially camera performance where as our prestigious flagship excellent but fail in some departments hope nokia will make us proud by adding more features

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@user1512184697340 it's very sad.. I hope Laura will give us a positive response
absolutely agree, n8 is fantastic phone with terrible cam app.. pro camera was announced sometimes in february, but that's all you've done.. so i would like to know any informations about pro camera thanx
Not in February....juho announced before February.... Dear HMD do you really like to make your customers more happy then also provide a feature like capacitive lights as notification lights which helps alot instead of glance

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Google camera for the win, it has transformed the Nokia 8s camera for me and i doubt anything Nokia can release can match it sadly.

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Ich weiß nicht, was das soll und warum Nokia es zulässt, einem Top-Gerät, auch wenn es nun "schon" aus 2017 stammt, den letzten, aber auch dringend notwendigen Feinschliff vorzuenthalten. Die Kamera-App ist das Manko des Nokia 8 (2017). Schlimmer noch, warum werden die Kunden so vorgeführt. Wichtig war/ ist Nokia nach eigenem Bekunden eine hohe Kundenzufriedenheit und schnelle Updates. Letzteres kann und darf sich jedoch NICHT NUR auf das Betriebssystem beschränken. Das Problem mit der Kamera-App, was die Vorzüge der hervorragenden Zeiss-Optik eigentlich zunichte macht, ist Nokia schon SEIT LANGEM bekannt. Nokia 5 und 6 haben zwischenzeitlich schon mal Updates für ihre Kamera-App erhalten. Und beim Nokia 8 (TA-1012)? NICHTS!!! Auf dem MWC 2018 wurde mit "blumigen" Worten angekündigt, dass alle Geräte mit Zeiss-Optik u. a. "Nokia Pro Camera" erhalten. Also auch "unser" Nokia 8. Passiert ist - NICHTS!!! Rückfragen beim Support ergaben, dass die Einführung bon "Nokia Pro Camera" für das 8 mit der Markteinführung von 8 SIROCCO/ 7 PLUS, also im April 2018, erfolgen sollte. Der April ist vorbei, passiert ist - NICHTS!!! Eine nochmalige Anfrage beim Support ergab, dass man gar keine Aussagen (mehr) treffen kann, mein "Anliegen an die" Entwicklungsabteilung" weitergeleitet werde". Das war's, weiter passiert ist - NICHTS!!! Anfragen über Facebook/ Twitter werden KONSEQUENT IGNORIERT, KEINE ANTWORT/ REAKTION. Also auch - NICHTS!!! So langsam verliere ich die Lust und den Glauben! Ich habe genug von so viel NICHTS! Vielleicht haben die Moderatoren hier die MÖGLICHKEIT, von Nokia ENDLICH EINMAL eine VERLÄSSLUCHE, VOR ALLEM ABER ZUFRIEDENSTELLENDE AUSSAGE zu erhalten. Schon jetzt vielen Dank.

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Translate for user @7450 - I do not know what that is supposed to mean and why Nokia allows a top device, even if it is "already" from 2017, to withhold the last, but also desperately needed, finishing touches. The camera app is the shortcoming of the Nokia 8 (2017). Worse, why are the customers being presented like this? Important was / is Nokia by its own admission a high customer satisfaction and fast updates. The latter can and should NOT be limited to the operating system ONLY. The problem with the camera app, which actually nullifies the benefits of the excellent Zeiss optics, Nokia has been known for a long time. Nokia 5 and 6 have since received updates for their camera app. And the Nokia 8 (TA-1012)? NOTHING!!! At the MWC 2018 was announced with "flowery" words that all devices with Zeiss optics u. a. Received "Nokia Pro Camera". So also "our" Nokia 8. Happened - NOTHING !!! Support inquiries revealed that the launch of the Nokia Pro Camera for 8 was due to launch on 8 SIROCCO / 7 PLUS, in April 2018. April is over, happened - NOTHING !!! A repeated request with the support showed that one can not make any statements (more), my "concerns are forwarded to the" development department ". That's it, it has happened - NOTHING !!! Inquiries via Facebook / Twitter are CONSISTENTLY IGNORED, NO ANSWER / REACTION. So too - NOTHING !!! Slowly I lose the desire and the faith! I have enough of so much NOTHING! Maybe the moderators here have the opportunity to get from Nokia FINALLY ONLY A TRUST, ABOVE ALL SATISFIED STATEMENT. Thank you already.


Hi everyone,


And thanks to @conqueror for the nice welcome. I know you guys are expecting a camera update urgently and we appreciate your patience. For now, I can’t give you any new info on the update but I will come back to all of you as soon as I can provide a sufficient answer. 

Stay tuned  and best regards, 


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I'm with MrBelter, honestly i just gave up on the Nokia app. GCAM is amazing.


If they do release Pro Camera eventually it probably will never match GCAM in terms of picture quality, unless they can somehow incorporate googles HDR+ algorithms. I'll hold off my final judgment until the actual update however. 


Anyhow, nice of Laura to respond to an actual question here, since mods in general don't seem very active on this forum.

Thanks Laura for giving a response. However, the best response we await is nothing but when to expect the Pro Camera App.
Thanks Laura dear appreciated your response, well we waiting for camera firmware update very long time, suppose if Nokia fail to give competition with GCAM then people split on HMD NOKIA, we already loss patience


I forwarded this topic to be able to give you at least an update on the Pro Cam App. Unfortunately, right now this is all I can do. Thank you all for your patience. I will keep you updated.  


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The reviews of the Nokia 8 Sirocco i have read all say the camera is poor when the light is anything less than great (sounds familiar) and that is using the pro camera.

Honestly give the Google Camera a go, the difference is amazing and you wont be fretting about the Nokia app any more.

Thanks Laura for the feedback. We are now waiting for you to give us a positive response from the developers. @MrBelter, It is true that Google Camera is amazing but I believe we shouldn't be discouraged from getting the Pro Camera App on our Nokia 8 due to reviews of Nokia 8 Sirocco because I believe Nokia 8 has better camera features. The absence of OIS on Nokia 8 Sirocco will definitely rubbish the image and video qualities of the Nokia 8 Sirocco. Let's wait for the Pro Camera App Update as we use the Google Camera App in the mean time.
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