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Animation stutter.....don't break our trust

PLEASE FIX THE ANIMATION STUTTER guys are back in the market ...don't break our trust...many of us trusted this brand and brought Nokia 7 +. This phone is a mid range phone ...we get it....but that doesn't mean the smoothness will not be there.... cheaper phones with weaker hardware like Xiaomi devices are smoother and even my old HTC desire 816 is smoother than this phone.... On top of that this phone is Having the Android One can there be any lags.. I have done reset ...cleared cache ....etc...but no sign of any improvements... Please fix these issues...don't break our trust......we all want Nokia to be please fix these basic things PLEASE.... Please

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I totally agree with this opinion. I also did factory reset, delete cache, etc.. But nothing's better.

It is stuttering when multi-tasking, app switching (recent apps), even app opening. 

We can see the frame rate is dropping, and these are really annoying me.

I think the basic of pure android is smooth UX and fluid animation.

Please, we want Nokia upgrade these things soon.

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 Yup dropped frames and stutters. Janky UI smoothness. Hardware is more than powerful enough this is not acceptable.

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