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Nokia 7 Plus NFC reader location -- solution for NFC problem

For anyone who might have issues with the NFC reader there is one important thing to know:

The location of the NFC reader seems to be under the camera (at the zeiss branding). 

I had problems getting the NFC to read my NFC chip (yubikey) until I held it close to the camera at about 45 degree angle. Doing this solved it. 

Hopefully this is helpful to others.

Under the camera?

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Yep "under" the camera, I don't know the exact location, but that is where to reception is best. Makes sense, as it is pretty much to only part not covered by the one-piece aluminum body. 

Yep, you're right it's there. I just try to solve the issue with google pay not working but sending files via NFC works great.
I also have issue with nfc, my previous phone moto g5s plus can read the payment card, but with nokia it said wrong card. It detect the card but cannot read the amount of money inside. Still don't know the reason till now.

I have found the location of the NFC to be to the LEFT of the ZEISS logo as you look at it. Or if looking at the front of the phone, behind the Nokia logo.

Initially NFC and Google PAY did not work, but once I held the corner of the phone to the pay points, it worked will.

It doesn't "work well". Having to figure out the target sensor location and trying to keep it aligned with the sensor of the phone defeats the purpose of an NFC experience. And security isn't a big deal if you just make it a habit of turning off the NFC when not in use.

I really wish there's a software solution to this. Perhaps it's just a matter of increasing the power to the sensor at the driver level or something?

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