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Nokia 7 Plus NFC reader location -- solution for NFC problem

For anyone who might have issues with the NFC reader there is one important thing to know:

The location of the NFC reader seems to be under the camera (at the zeiss branding). 

I had problems getting the NFC to read my NFC chip (yubikey) until I held it close to the camera at about 45 degree angle. Doing this solved it. 

Hopefully this is helpful to others.

Under the camera?

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Yep "under" the camera, I don't know the exact location, but that is where to reception is best. Makes sense, as it is pretty much to only part not covered by the one-piece aluminum body. 

Yep, you're right it's there. I just try to solve the issue with google pay not working but sending files via NFC works great.
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