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Nokia 7 Plus screen is lower on left side ("crooked screen")

I'm happy with my new Nokia 7 Plus, but there is one things that annoys me. The screen is lower on one side, meaning the edge of the screen dips below the phone casing. 

I can clearly see the screen dipping down in the middle on the left side and I can feel the difference swiping from the edge of the screen. From the right side in it is smooth, but from the left side in I can feel a slight snag. I would guess the difference in screen height between left and right is about 1/2 mm, so it definitely isn't enormous, but it's still disappointing to me that the screen isn't perfectly straight. The screen is basically slightly crooked. 

I don't think I can use the warranty for what is really a minor cosmetic defect, or can I? In any case I don't know if I would want to make the effort of wiping the phone and reinstalling everything on a new one. 

I'm just wondering if anyone has the noticed the same defect? 

I noticed the same issue - the phone doesn't lie flat on the screen when face down.

Nokia support (contacted via the support app on my phone) said their model was also rocking when face down.

If it's just a few phones then i'll consider taking it back for warranty - if it's all of them then i'm less bothered...

It seems a general issue, because I went to the local store and out of curiosity I took a look at the display model there, that model was receded into the frame quite far. 

My phone doesn't rock when face down so that is good. 

My guess is that it is a design issue, the screen is basically glued to the metal support plate underneath. It is easy to imagine inconsistencies happening during this process.  

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