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Sound pbm

After updating Oreo I'm often facing this sound problem. While ringing, hearing music or alarm sound is becoming very very low... after restarting the mob for sometime it was ok and again the sound is very very low.....pls fix this bug or say me a solution for this....pls......

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If you are still facing this issue then, I am having a work around solution for this. Go to Settings>Sound and make "Dolby surround sound" OFF. Then check if the issue is still there or not. Please share your observation.

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Hi, Thank you for ur help....I try and check it.
I too have similar issues with Oreo 8.1 update.. media volume is loud but ringtone volume is abysmally low.. Nokia R U listening .. need quick update to fix this bug..

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This issue is being observed from so long time, but why Nokia is not resolving this bug..... Where is the R & D team ? Why they didn't able to fix this case? Nokia should be really think about it...

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