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Does this phone support aptx or not?

There doesn't seem to be any conclusive information regarding aptx support,

A chap here said Nokia support said it's not supported,

Is this true? 

Bluetooth checker says it does,

but I don't really trust that site.

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It do support aptx hd in theory , but in practice Oreo update 8.1 have messed up Bluetooth so much that i for one can not get aptx (and many other Bluetooth functions) work like they should. 
I suspect this is because of google trying to implement the AAC codec. My car stereo do not work unless i manually change the codec to SBC and then i loose aptx. 

Really this is ridiculous, a phone in 2018 not properly supporting aptX, loads of people are moving to wireless headphones now what with a lot of phone manufacturers dropping the headphone jack and the majority of wireless headphones out there are aptX codec supported, why on earth is Nokia turning a blind eye to this? 

As stated above, the problems is most likely caused by google and the 8.1 update. (and is present in the pixel series )
I agree that Nokia should push on google to fix this asap or open all 7+ to the beta channel for updates (or a possible downgrade to 8.0). 

Still no AptX support (23 July). Tested with Marshall Monitor Bluetooth.
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