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Face unlock Nokia 7 plus - how to make it work?

It's included in the specifications but I can't find it in settings.

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Hi user1525416021491

The face unlock at Nokia 7 plus is currently not available but we aim to bring this to you later in Q2. 

Please stay tuned. 

Have a nice day, 


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Why you guys have removed the Google Smartlock trusted face? 

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My 7+ came with android 8.0 pre-installed. Face unlock worked fine on that version. After upgrading to android 8.1 the face unlock is gone. I don't understand why. I purchased this phone because it is advertised as 'Android one'. On your site it says "the Nokia smartphones with Android One stay secure and feature the latest Google innovations ". I assumed that meant getting everything that is in Google's android. 

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I got an update yesterday. Face unlock now works fine. Thank you. 

Sorry about the bad copy/paste in my previous post.

I recently bought the phone it was preloaded with 8.1 n I cannot find face unlock I've seen alot of other people post videos about it on YouTube.. in April 2018 we're in June... So am I missing something here ?


My phone came with 8.0 preloaded. After updating to 8.1 face unlock was gone. Last week my phone got the may 1 security update and face unlock is working again. You can find it under Settings -> Security & location -> Smart lock -> Trusted face

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I know about trusted's a Google preload .. I'm taking about faceunlock in settings- security& location- faceunlock people who had the 8 and upgraded to 8.1 got it but those who had 8.1 out of the box don't have that option


Hi all out there, 

with the latest update the face unlock at Nokia 7 plus is now available again. 

Just checking if it works for you all?


Best regards, 


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Hi Laura,

My Nokia & plus got 1st May security update and with that update mobile has got a new feature trusted face...... but it is very very unresponsive....  When you mention face unlock is available again; do you mean trusted face or dedicated face unlock feature?


@Krishnendu dutta I think it's just trusted face because the dedicated face unlock feature is not yet released in India (Mine is indian unit) it is only available in China. But we can expect this on 3rd or 4th update

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Hi Laura, When will the security update for face unlock release for Indian units?
Will 6.1 also get dedicated face unlock frautre? Since Chinese version already got.
Go to settings and go to security and location and there you can find smart lock and enter into it by typing your pin in case if you are using fingerprint there you can see the option trusted face it is Google's face unlock by the way Nokia 7 plus hasn't received the face unlock from nokia
Yep. No face unlock, and yahoo doesnt work on wifi as well twitter works fine on data. i guess alot of buge in nokia 7 plus may update.
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