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Phone isn't updating to 8.1

Hi i bought nokia 7 plus yesterday. It was showing 8.1 update yesterday but suddenly it stopped. And not showing any update for 8.1 oreo. How do i get update of 8.1 please help me out

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just got my phone delivered to Ireland from UK. Really wanted the phone for promise of fast,frequent updates.

phone is stuck on 8.0, february security

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Same here in Wales, 8.0 with Feb security. Not sure what is going on, only know that at present the software on this device feels decidedly beta. The camera app in particular has several issues. Tried reaching out to a Nokia support rep, but got only the usual 'watch this space' kind of reply. Not very encouraging at all.
I purchased this phone specifically for the updates, I'm very disappointed. Can't decide whether or not to return this phone.

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really annoyed with this phone. Android One meant to have fast, frequent updates. I assume most people in Britain and Ireland have received 8.1.

I hope the delay is just in regards to it being a major update., My questions

Why still on February security patch. Shouldn't we at least get our April security patch or should I expect that some time in June.

I don't buy their excuse about the updates being a load on the servers.

Upgrade your servers then for goodness sake.

Ive had this phone 2 hours and Im already thinking of returning it. Bought it for android one so I wouldn't have to wait around for updates. Already feeling let down.

Could have went for a huawei/honor device which has far superior hardware



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Return is not an option for me, and besides I really want to like this device, but can confirm that as yet there is no sign of any updates in the UK. This practically renders the whole android one thing irrelevant as it stands. It wouldn't be so bad if the current firmware and app package was isn't. The camera app in particular has a number of bugs that need addressing. Like I said not very promising at all. Come on HMD, sort this out!

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I agree. The 8.0 software is buggy, and lags also. Nowhere near the performance of my 2016 oneplus 3. I bought the phone for software mainly and am hugely disappointed so far. Guy from Nokia care said something along the lines of I cant tell you when the update will be, it depends on region, carrier etc...

I would like to keep the phone, but at the moment for me 

Android One = same old update process from other manufacturers like motorola, lg, wait...wait..wait

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I'll probably give it a week and if the update doesn't drop I'll jump ship. It's just a shame the pixel 2 is so expensive as I do love those updates.

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I'll probably give it a week also.Could just be teething problems with a popular new device,

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It's annoying how some people's phones shipped with 8.1, I was considering sending mine back to Amazon and purchasing again direct from Nokia website to see if that made a difference, but they've sold out. I have TA-1055 but I suspect the updated version may have a different model number.

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I'm disappointed to, bought the phone because of the android one but still stuck on February security patch and android 8.0 really considering to send back the phone if the update won't be out soon.
Just got the phone...stuck with 8.0

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Having same issue Some help me to over come this issue

I'm having the exact same issue which is very annoying. I'm thinking the newer security patches will come after we get the 8.1.0 update as that happened with another Nokia phone I set up for a family member yesterday. That one got the updates right after turning it on for the first time but mine had been waiting for some time before that already so yeah...

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Still nothing, that is infuriating. If you don't have the server capacity to support a host of android one devices and keep them up to date HMD.... Then don't sell any!!!!! This would not be so bad if not for the fact that at the moment I consider the 7 Plus broken. There is a swath of bugs present in the system. And the camera app is an absolute mess, it's slow to launch, over exposes shots to the extreme, and the live focus simply does not work. I don't know if the update is going to address any of this, but in YouTube reviews of this device I am seeing some differences in the camera app on 8.1, so maybe perhaps..... But you had better get this sorted quickly HMD or the result maybe that this is the only device of yours many people ever purchase.
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